The Hair Bear Bunch

Man, I haven’t posted since the 4th! Been really, really busy lately. I need to take some pictures and get going again, and I will soon. But the big news for me today is that Warner Brothers Archive has released the complete Hair Bear Bunch on DVD! I loved this show as a kid and even had sheets with them. My mom probably still has them. If she does, I’ll get a picture.


The Hair Bear Bunch was these 3 bears in a zoo that had a whole bunch of cool stuff in their cave that at the push of button would appear or disappear depending on if the humans were around or not. A pool table, sofa, fridge, etc. Standard hi-jinx occurred with the standard cartoon voices. Check this link and watch a sample of the show.


One Response “The Hair Bear Bunch”

  1. Bunchie says:

    I was traumatized at the time when the networks replaced my beloved violent sci-fi cartoons with these types of shows. But I understand now that The Hair Bear Bunch is better for kids than The Herculoids.

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