The Flintstones Jelly Jar Drinking Glasses

Jelly Glasses (8)
Jelly Glasses (9)
Jelly Glasses (10)

The Flintstones jelly jars that became juice glasses. These have 1962 on them, but I’m not sure the glasses are really that old. Perhaps they are.

11 Responses “The Flintstones Jelly Jar Drinking Glasses”

  1. Keith says:

    I always loved drinking out of stuff like this when I was a kid.

  2. Joe says:

    We had some of those. We had Foghorn Leghorn and Tom and Jerry.

  3. Linda Alami says:

    I am intersted in purchasing the flintstones jelly jar glasses. How many do you have and how much are they?

  4. Sorry, these are my mom’s, and I doubt she will sell them. They do come up on eBay pretty frequently though. Sorry and thanks for asking. Anything of mine I will consider selling.

  5. Beth S says:

    Love this site! Just found a Flintstones glass in parents’ house and remember it so well! Am looking for a few more. Just checking to see if your Mom has changed her mind. My granddaughters are fascinated!

  6. Thanks for asking, but she won’t even let one of us kids have them. She about flipped when they went missing while my sister was living there until Mom remembered she’d hidden them!

  7. I have a 1962 Flintstone Jelly glass in pristine condition for sale. I also have a 1960 Superman glass in color.

  8. Cool! I bet that Superman glass is neat.


  1. […] Welches Tom and Jerry glasses are from 1990. They don’t have a face on the bottom like the Flintstones and Archie’s Gang glasses do. (I updated the Flintstones to include a Barney face on the […]

  2. […] in Monte Carlo sent at a black tie dinner for 20… serving after dinner liqueur in those old Welch’s Flintstone jelly glasses. ¬†Or maybe it’s just finding a beachfront bar in Spain that is throwing a barbecue party to […]

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