Home Recording Discs at 78 RPM

These are two home recording discs from my grandparents. One is a message from Grandma to Grandpa from 1955 and the other is a recording of Mrs. E. M. Clark, old time fiddler from 1942. The Voice-O-Graph is 6 inches, a little smaller than a 45. The Howard is 10 inches, normal 78 size. The small one is no good, you can’t hear anything but noise out of it. The other is OK on one side, but the other side is all pitted.

I thought these were kinda cool, as they predate cassette tapes by 30 years.

New Netflix Instant Streaming for July 2014

Some great classics this time.

New Netflix Instant Streaming for June 2014

More CD Box Stuff – The Blues

I posted a CD box of The Joshua Tree a few days ago, well, here’s some pictures I cut off the box from some blues CDs I bought back in the ’80s.

John Lee Hooker.

Muddy Waters.

Star Wars Kenner Toy Catalog 1978

Star Wars toy catalog from Kenner that came with some other Star Wars toy in 1978. I had posted this a long time ago, but it was taken with with a camera instead of scanned, and I don’t think it included all the pages. However, it’s kind of a moot point when all my old photos were flushed down the toilet by Webshots. I’ve got another one that I scanned but it saved as PDF instead of JPG, so I’ll have to re-do it.

There’s some cool stuff here, light saber toothbrushes, bop bags, custom vans… I really, really wanted Han’s laser pistol as a kid.

Notice the spelling of R2-D2 as Artoo-Detoo (complete with a trademark symbol!).

U2 The Joshua Tree CD Box from 1987

U2, The Joshua Tree, 1987. Do you remember when CDs came in a cardboard box? There were two reasons for this, one, to prevent theft, and two, so they would fit in album display cases at the store. I don’t have the rest of this box, just the front cover.

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Hanover Pancake House Neon Sign

Hanover Pancake House

If you are ever in Topeka, KS, be sure to eat at the Hanover Pancake House. They have a super cool sign, in addition to just having wonderful food. And free pie on Tuesday for lunch.