The Ampeg Sound 1966 Ad

Ampeg Advertisement

Here’s an Ampeg amplifiers advertisement from the Country Music Who’s Who – 1966. Dig that wild font! Looks more like something from San Francisco of the time than Nashville.

Country Music Fan Club Presidents 1966

Fan Club Presidents

Fan Club presidents, from the Country Music Who’s Who 1966 edition. June Hucker of the Judy Lynn fan club is also president of the big hair fan club. Click the picture to get full size.

Buck Owens in The Country Music Who’s Who 1966 Edition

Buck Owens
Buck Owens Fan Club

Buck Owens America’s Number 1 Country Artist in 1965, and then you can join the Buck Owens Fan Club! My next post will be more about Fan Clubs.

Excercise to Records!

30 days to thinner thighs

Top album is 30 Days to Thin Thighs, Hips and Bottom, Spot Aerobics, Upstart, 1983.

Then there is the insert for a Jazzercise record.

The next is actually a cassette version that I don’t have the cassette for. Energize with Exercise! Darrell Sisters Studio Arts Dance Center.

My mom actually did some of these.

Thief Soundtrack – Tangerine Dream

Tangarine Dream Thief Soundtrack
Tangarine Dream Thief Soundtrack

Thief Soundtrack, Tangerine Dream, Electra 5E-521, 1981. Synth heavy early ’80s production. The movie stars James Caan. Here’s my short review: Pretty cool and slick Michael Mann picture about a high-end thief who wants to have a normal suburban life, but gets involved with the mob. They don’t want him to quit and hurt people to convince him to stay. James Caan as the thief is very good at playing him as a total jerk. The guy is pretty unlikable, really. However, you have sympathy for him as he’s trying to overcome his past. BTW, is “slick Michael Mann” redundant?

I found this record at a garage sale where they’d left it out overnight and we had a heavy dew. This and one other album (CCR Chronicles) covers were pretty wet, but the vinyl was in tip-top shape and they were only a quarter so I bought them.

Hank Williams Jr. without a beard – 1966

Hank Williams Jr.

Hank Williams, Jr. in 1966, from The Country Music Who’s Who, 1966 edition. Most of the book seems to be advertising for various artists, booking agencies, talent agents, and musical equipment. Most of the pages look similar to this pattern. I’ve scanned some interesting pictures from this book. Watch for more in the coming weeks.

Jimmy and Vella – Heartbeat

Jimmie and Vella Heartbeat

Jimmy & Vella, Heartbeat, Imperial LP-12419, 1968. Great Northern Soul. Not sure why I didn’t get a photo of the back side, I usually do. It’s a gatefold album and I usually get that too, but it’s still sealed. Got it on eBay now.

Elvis Presley EP Cover

Elvis EP Sleeve
Elvis EP Back

Elvis Presley, self titled EP, RCA-Victor EPA-830. 1956. Got this on eBay now.